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View Point / Hiking

Hiking on Tara

Hiking represents a mild-intense walk in nature on marked or ordinary hiking trails, which usually last only one day. Hiking does not require special physical readiness, and requires fitness for walking up to 5h (rank 2h-8h). Hiking includes exploring nature. This is where you think about plants, rock structure, geographical and historical facts.. Hiking trails are light or moderately difficult.

If you want to spent your holidays active and back home like new this is the eazy and best way. You can feel the mountain,enjoy in the woods ,explore nature ,make photos or just chill.

In our offer have many hiking adventures to the wildest part of National park Tara ,best viewpoints,canyons,lakes,rivers or visiting villages.

We know these roads well and we’ve been trampling there for a long time, so feel it to Tara with us. And don’t forget, Tara is our most forested and most beautiful mountain.

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