S c r o l l D o w n


Meet Tara and cruise the pristine snow on Splitboard skis with experienced guides. Splitboard skis are still relatively rare in Serbia, but are no longer news. Now you can try them on Tara.

The seductive attraction of untouched snowy landscapes lures you on adventures, choose the tara landscape and call Green Bear or let them take you on a tour. After only ten minutes of training and introduction to equipment, your adventure can begin.

Splitboards can only be reached by their own efforts, and this often involves touring ski. So that snowboarders don’t have to give up their favorite form of snowboarding and move on to skis, in the mid-1990s, split-board was invented. Splitboard is a snowboard that splits in the middle into two halves similar to skis to facilitate the climb, and upon arrival at the destination it quickly rassess as a whole or if you are relieved and the descent can be done with separate skis.

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